Sym symphony 125 sr vs kymco agility city

Kymco people 125

The Kymco Agility City 125 2020 has been slightly renewed, improving especially the image thanks to the incorporation of new colors for the exterior parts and a new seat upholstered in brown. The objective is none other than to maintain the formula that has led it to success and improve the perceived quality: we are undoubtedly facing one of the best scooters on the market in terms of quality/price ratio.

This scooter has earned to be considered one of the best in its class, in terms of quality, image and running efficiency. A key scooter in the Yamaha range, more serious than the Kymco, with great standard equipment and first class components. It is more expensive, but there are many people who prefer to pay a little more for a little more quality.

The SYM Symphony is, on paper, the most direct rival of the Kymco Agility City, as both are facing the same goal: to offer a good product at a knockdown price. The image may not be as powerful and the brand still arouses some doubts, but it is clear that with good deals, is a bike that also struggles to open a gap between the best-selling bikes.

Sym spain

Here is the answer to the eternal question: what economic city scooter should I buy for 2,000 €? KYMCO bets for a veteran model, while SYM and Suzuki propose two new scooters. Good, nice and cheap.

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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked the question: which 125 cc scooter would you recommend for city use? I always answer with a question: How much budget do you have? And here’s the crux of the matter. Good thing the three scooters in this comparison are priced differently, because if they cost the same it would be really hard to decide on one. This showdown is the perfect answer to that dilemma. I talk to him about the three models and end up telling my interlocutor: «Of the three, the one that best fits your price». And whichever one you choose, you won’t go wrong. I’m sure you won’t.

Its single-cylinder engine is probably the laziest, but as the meters go by, it proves to be quite elastic and keeps pushing up to 105 km/h top speed. The fact that it is fueled by carburetor makes it a bit cumbersome and the one that has less autonomy (despite its almost 6 liters of tank), although it moves close to 200 km between refuelings, which in the end is a psychological figure.

Kymco agility city 125

HolaEstoy a punto de comprar una de las dos motos anteriores. Son ligeramente diferentes pero ambas tienen ruedas de disco de 16″ que cumplen mis requisitos.Incluso el precio es sólo 50 libras de diferencia. La Kymco tiene una velocidad máxima publicada de 65mph comparada con la Syms 58mph.La Sym tiene 3 años de garantía comparada con la Kymcos 2yrs.Así que mi pregunta es ¿es la velocidad máxima de los fabricantes fiable? y ¿hay alguna otra cuestión que deba considerar? su ayuda es apreciada. bhayani

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Siéntate en ellas para ver cuál es la más cómoda . Entonces, ¿a qué distancia está el agente más cercano? ¿Cuál es el color más bonito o incluso el acabado de la carrocería y las soldaduras? Sym se deshizo del anterior importador M.L de una manera muy insatisfactoria después de 14 años de buen trabajo y se fue a otro importador con un historial no probado . Solo por esta razón yo elegiría la Kymco .

Gracias RoadieRoger, me senté en ambas y no me gustó la posición de conducción de ninguna de ellas. Mi gran preocupación era que ambas eran demasiado lentas para ir por la autopista, así que me decidí por una Sym Joyride 200. La Joyride es una moto mucho más potente que la Kymco. La Joyride es una especificación mucho más alta. La posición de conducción de los pies hacia adelante se siente bien. 70mph hace que sea utilizable en la autopista, theres suficiente espacio bajo el asiento para mi portátil y sandwitches. Su inyección de combustible, refrigeración líquida, y tiene un asiento amplio. Espero que valga la pena el extra de 950 libras que pagué. El precio de la moto es de 1.000 euros por kilómetro, y el precio de la moto es de 1.000 euros por kilómetro, y el precio de la moto es de 1.000 euros por kilómetro, y el precio de la moto es de 1.000 euros por kilómetro. Bhayaniback en la carretera después de 11 años.

Sym symphony 125 sr vs kymco agility city 2022

If we talk about sales figures, it should be noted that the SYM Symphony recorded impressive sales figures with a 12 percent growth after confinement, in the month of May, and became sales leader in December 2020. The price of €2,499 is one of its sales arguments, very close to the KYMCO Agility City which costs €2,299; the two Taiwanese brands are rivaling with a very similar product.

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With the arrival of the Euro 5 for motorcycles SYM has had to make many adjustments to its range of scooter, a few days ago we told you the changes of the scooter GT SYM Maxsym 400, which had also undergone a thorough review.

Its bodywork looks more marked forms, with an elegant chrome trim on its shield (which embraces the position light) a stylized headlight on the handlebars with LED technology, a front turn signals integrated into the front shield and the rear together with the pilot position and brake form a single unit.

Other elements to highlight are: the seat in red or black with contrasting stitching, the elegant retractable footpegs and, in the rear, the stylized luggage rack with passenger support.

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