Riya x-tron 125

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The bike is in very good condition, new tires, oil change 1 week ago, new brakes has 17,000 km. It has to make the itv 2 days ago that has expired is sold because I do not use it. 1100€ change of name included.1.000 EUR

They are sold whole these without fairings but I have them, have no papers are lost and do not have time to go to get them, the 125 has the carburetor broken everything else ok and 49 do not know what happens and has pieces of jog wheels and direction1.100 EUR

125cc scooter restored, waterproof upholstered saddle, new mirrors, helmet well under the saddle, key security system, new battery, Led front light, exclusive, lights polished, etc …1.200 EUR

Motorcycle with 6700 km more or less in perfect condition of engine and covers normal wear of time for beginners is 4 strokes and is a lighter does not consume anything . itv until July 2023 The transfer at the time of collection. the bike is in Cadalso de los Vidrios. It can be taken to Madrid but to see it has to be in cadalso price somewhat negotiable1.500 EUR

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Riya x-tron 125

No expense has been spared in brakes, disc brakes on both axles with 276 mm for the front and 220 mm for the rear, both with dual-piston calipers and gold finish. The suspension is simpler, with a telescopic fork at the front and a monoshock anchored directly to the swingarm.

Also simple is the mechanical configuration, with an air-cooled 4-stroke single-cylinder engine fed by a carburetor and a five-speed gearbox. The engine delivers 9.5 hp at 8,000 rpm. Unbeatable, however, the price, 1,895 euros with taxes.

Oil change 4 stroke motorcycle (keeway speed 125)

But the sporty details don’t end there. The cast iron rear footpegs are pure goldsmith’s art, with a gear shift lever with rubber protections for the joints, and a rubber coating for the rider’s shoes and on the tip of the gear shift lever.

Nor should we forget the racing-inspired fuel cap with mechanical lock under a flap with the same key as the ignition, and the powerful disc brakes on both axles with 276 mm for the front and 220 mm for the rear, both equipped with dual-piston calipers with a gold finish. The suspensions are entrusted to a telescopic fork with centered axle and a monoshock anchored directly to the swingarm, both elements are hydraulically operated.

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The engine relies on a simple single-cylinder 4-stroke, air-cooled engine powered by a traditional carburetor with a five-speed gearbox that delivers 9.5 hp at 8,000 rpm.

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What the dealer tells me is that it is a Ducati brand. He tells me that it is injection (on the web it says carburetion). He also tells me that it has 15hp (when in the official web page it doesn’t reach 10hp).

The bike aesthetically is very nice (in my opinion and seen in person), is quite large, the panel has enough info, the exhaust outlet is at least curious, it is not seen, it is hidden «not to burn», he told me. Unfortunately he didn’t let me turn it on because he told me he didn’t have a battery so as not to damage the battery.

I totally agree with you Tamerlan. The truth is that I was pretty pissed off when I saw the data sheet on the web afterwards, because I asked him directly, when he told me it has 15hp I said «It has 15? Or does it have 10 and you tell me 15 generalizing? and he answered: «no, no, it has 15 real ones». Ole sus cojones, and that it has injection … well, because I have no idea of mechanics but what a cut he was taking.

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Hi look to I’m also looking at 125 to buy and I saw this in a store next to the daelim i the guy in the store told me that if I wanted a bike with problems buy that he was a mechanic and everything was Chinese and poor quality has 9’5 hp I dijero not reach 100km / h but that if you have a very nice and modern aesthetic

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