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La primera vez que vimos el Kymco Xciting S 400i fue en el Motorcycle Live de noviembre, y aunque su aspecto era fantástico, resultaba bastante difícil distinguir lo que diferenciaba al Xciting de los muchos otros maxi-scooters del mercado, que, para ser sinceros, se parecen bastante.

En junio tuvimos la suerte de tener en nuestras manos algunos Kymco para probarlos y uno de ellos fue el Xciting S 400i. Las primeras impresiones, todavía se ve impresionante para un maxi y el azul es un color absolutamente impresionante, con la forma de la moto que realmente se ve bastante bien. Me enseñaron el scooter y cómo funcionaba todo, que parecía bastante sencillo. Tan pronto como pude, me puse mi equipo Oxford y salí a dar una vuelta.

Al instante me sentí a gusto y realmente cómodo sobre la Xciting (algo que seguramente mencionaré unas cuantas veces en este blog). La conducción era increíblemente suave y el motor de 400cc tiene suficiente potencia para realizar adelantamientos decentes. Alex, que estaba probando la Like 125 al mismo tiempo, se quedó atrás como era de esperar. Algunos podrían pensar que una 400 es demasiado pequeña para viajar, pero con la Xciting no estoy seguro de que eso sea cierto.

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The two practical glove compartments are a clear example of how the care of comfort has reached an exquisite level in Xciting S 400. Both have centralized electric locking and have USB socket so you can charge your much-needed mobile devices.

Its very large under-seat storage box has space for a full-face helmet, and for everything else you need: gloves, a rain jacket, etc. Its electronic push-button opening and interior lighting prove that sportiness and comfort need not be incompatible.

Noodoe Navigation. Always at the ready. Its GPS is capable of memorizing several addresses, planning routes with several destinations, indicating radars and providing, at a glance, relevant information on the route in real time.

For maximum comfort, everything on this scooter is tailored to your needs. A clear example is its windshield adjustable in 5 levels of height without the need for tools. But there are many more.

Its engine intimidates, it is capable of delivering 35.53 hp at 7,500 rpm, or by the high and constant cruising speed it provides. What really makes it unattainable for others is that all this power is delivered smoothly and quietly, with the highest efficiency in consumption and complying with the demanding Euro 4 emission standards.

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Scooter is an anglicism that we always associate with an almost exclusive use in urban areas, and for this reason, we think of certain limitations when extending its use beyond the streets of a city. The «mega scooters» or «maxi scooters» arise from the need of a type of user who needs to combine their trips in the city with inter-urban routes.

For this increasingly large group of users, Kymco has already on the market its S 400 model, which is part of the new generation of medium displacement scooters (399 cc exactly and liquid cooling) that completes, for the moment, with its 36 hp at 7,500 rpm the range of this Taiwanese brand. It has a double front disc brake and a single disc on the rear axle.

Its powerful 399 cc 4-stroke single-cylinder engine offers both maximum smoothness and very good performance. All this is supported by a rigid chassis of 1,670 mm wheelbase whose main virtue is to achieve maximum driving agility in urban environment and a very good stability on roads, highways or freeways.

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The Kymco Xciting S 400 TCS is now in its fifth commercial stage and now does so by catching up with the Euro5 emissions regulations. Aesthetically remain with the sporty dyes that characterize both this scooter that is inspired at certain points in his older brother Kymco AK 550.

The first thing that has been done with this bike is to adjust its 400 cc single-cylinder block to 33.85 hp, not far from the 35.5 hp that yields the Euro4 version. The same applies to the maximum torque, which now stands at 37.5 Nm compared to 38.4 Nm before.

The rest of the Kymco Xciting S 400 TCS has no major changes although now it does bring traction control as standard, for which they have placed the relevant sensors and made adjustments to the necessary parameters.

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