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kymco superdink 125 – testdrive & review

The new Kymco Superdink 125 Polini Hi-Speed Variator Model 241721 is a real technological masterpiece. In the HI Speed Evolution kit is included the fixed half pulley and a mobile Air Speed projected with different degrees of inclination to allow the belt a wider excursion, the contrast spring with the Evo Slider anti-torsion system has an improved load of 34%. The patented lubrication system is able to offer impressive performance and performance, without sacrificing maximum reliability.the nozzle is made of special nickel-chromium case-hardened steel, hardened and is distinguished by the large capacity inner bag with grease reservoir function, inside which there is a special spring that allows the constant distribution of the grease on the pin, even in the toughest conditions of use.thanks to all these features, riding your scooter will be an emotion; more acceleration and speed for everyone.

new super dink 125/350

We receive an inquiry from Marcos, who has just bought a KYMCO Super Dink 125. He is surprised that when driving at 80 km/h the needle of the rev counter indicates 8,000 rpm and asks us if it is normal or what could be the reason why it is so revved up.

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Marcos writes to us with a question about his recently purchased KYMCO Super Dink 125: he is surprised that when driving at 8,000 rpm it goes at a speed of 80 km/h and asks if it is normal or what could it be due to.

We do not know if you have bought your KYMCO new or used, although we can already go ahead and tell you that yes, it is quite normal that it revs so much for a relatively moderate speed as 80 km/h. Think that at the end of the day it is a 125, that its top speed is around 110 km / h and that at 80 km / h you are already close to that maximum. At top speed the engine will be around 9,500 revolutions (maybe 10,000 indicated) so, yes, at 80 km/h it makes sense that it indicates 8,000 rpm.

If your bike is used, i.e. has a lot of kilometers on it, what could cause an engine speed that is too high? Well, it would be possible, yes, that the final development would have been shortened by mechanical wear. Fixed transmissions (derailleur and chain) do not change the ratio between engine and rear wheel, regardless of use. But the variators work by friction, by the lateral pressure of conical plates on a belt. As the belt accumulates kilometers, it wears out and becomes narrower (a few millimeters), so it must be changed in time or risk breaking. When it becomes thinner, the chainring becomes shorter: it does not reach as high up on the drive chainring, which would be the chainring of an equivalent bike.

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kymco super dink 125/350 2017: test scooter [fullhd].

We compare the two best received GT scooters in the 125 segment. On the one hand, the sobriety and dynamism of the Honda Forza 125, and on the other, the revolution and value for money of the KYMCO Super Dink 125. Which is better?

Which is better, the Honda Forza 125 or the KYMCO Super Dink 125? This is probably one of the most asked questions by users interested in the 125cc GT scooter segment. We will try to solve your doubts by putting on the same scale the benefits of each of them.

These three models, along with the Yamaha X-Max 125, are clearly the best-selling GT in our country. No matter if we are talking about a version that cries out for an update, consumers are always attracted to these three models. We pit the Honda Forza 125 against the KYMCO Super Dink 125.

One of the great strengths of the Honda Forza 125 lies in its electronic equipment. It was among the first to be fitted with ABS completely as standard and has an idle stop function system that stops the engine from running when it is stationary for more than three seconds. When you press the throttle again it restarts.

kymco super dink 125 with 40,000 kilometers gives it all.

Variator Kymco Superdink 125 Polini Hi-Speed. The Polini Maxi Hi-Speed variator for Kymco Superdink is one of the most powerful of the maxiscooter range. The roller tracks have been polished to improve the sliding. The pin is made of an alloy of steel, nickel and chromium, achieving a low coefficient of friction. Grease distribution remains constant even under the most extreme working conditions, thus maintaining stable performance. The rollers included with this variator are made of a nylon and aramid compound, which makes them of high quality and durability. Thanks to all these features you will have a high performance drive with easier and more economical maintenance. It includes 2 sets of 20x19mm rollers of 9gr. and 11.8gr.

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