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The Bosque de San Juan de Aragón will reopen with a series of recommendations that will apply to both visitors and employees of the forest, including the use of masks, keep a healthy distance (at least 1.5 meters between people) and use antibacterial gel.

Visitors to Bosque de San Juan de Aragón can only enter individually to walk, jog or run, since the palapa areas, children’s playground, skatepark, dog park and spa will remain closed until the epidemiological traffic light turns green.

To those who visit this site, considered one of the most important lungs in the municipality of Gustavo A. Madero, the authorities of Bosque de San Juan de Aragón ask them to follow and respect the indications and recommendations:

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Participating in this Plan is a serious exercise of reflection that allows to plan and review the strategy, as well as a challenge of motivation for the human team, and an improvement of the image of the organization through social and institutional recognition. In addition, the candidate organizations receive specialized training, personalized tutorials and an evaluation report that allows them to measure their degree of progress towards Excellence, and to direct all efforts in the right direction.

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The companies participating in this Plan will start with a specialized conference on the European Excellence Model, then they will carry out an assisted diagnosis to know their level of Excellence and, depending on the result obtained, each company will be told whether it should continue with the Business Excellence Award Process or take part in a training program for the implementation of Excellence.

The Aragón Empresa Program encourages companies or organizations that consider a commitment to Excellence as the best way to manage their business to apply for this new edition.

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The Government of Aragon states that it is “an instrument to coordinate the policies and measures included in Law 5/2019, of March 21, of Rights and Guarantees of Persons with Disabilities in Aragon”, and that it is driven “with interdepartmental character from the Department of Citizenship and Social Rights of the Government of Aragon, whose draft is submitted -from this Saturday, June 19- to a participatory process”.

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The Councilor for Citizenship and Social Rights, María Victoria Broto, has been in charge of inaugurating the informative session, which has been held via telematic means, with which the citizen participation process has started, with the presence of more than 40 associations and organizations linked to the disability sector.

The citizen participation process, which is carried out through the General Directorate of Open Government and Social Innovation, will continue on June 28 and 30 with four workshops. In parallel, different workshops will be held, organized by Plena Inclusión, for people with intellectual disabilities, whose contributions will be included in the process.

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The Autonomous Community of Aragon has launched a Plan Renove of heat, cold and hot water producing equipment (specifically air conditioners, gas and biomass boilers) and household appliances to promote savings and efficient use of energy, replacing these appliances with more energy efficient and less polluting ones.

The adhered stores and installers will be in charge of transferring these aids to the buyers of this type of appliances or equipment through the application of the corresponding discount in the purchase price.

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In the case of air conditioners, the amount can reach up to 250 euros, while in the case of boilers is 350 euros and in the case of appliances up to 150 euros.

In you can find more information on which appliances are eligible, what is the amount of aid in each specific case and which are the establishments adhered to the Plan Renove.

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