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kymco ak 550 velocidad máxima

Nuevas actualizaciones Euro 5 2021 Kymco AK 550 – un maxi-scooter seriamente equipadoNuevas actualizaciones 2021, con un motor compatible con Euro 5 y un nuevo acelerador electrónico, este maxi-scooter Kymco AK 550 podría seguir siendo un matagigantes.Por Alex StrangeThu, 8 Abr 2021Compartir:

KYMCO ha anunciado sus actualizaciones del popular (y su buque insignia) modelo de maxi-scooter, con el AK 550 entrando en el club Euro 5 junto con unas cuantas actualizaciones, incluyendo un nuevo Control Electrónico del Acelerador.

Disponible en un precioso negro mate y en azul mate (el azul mate es realmente bonito), el precio en euros está fijado en 9.999 euros (8.643 libras) – y todavía no está claro si veremos el nuevo y actualizado Kymco AK 550 en el Reino Unido. Pero podemos vivir con la esperanza de que el modelo actual que tenemos aquí se actualice. Si es así, el precio es probable que se mantenga en la lista actual de £ 8,899.Kymco AK550 2021 negro kymco ak 550 2021kymco ak 550kymco ak550 scooterbest maxi scooterkymco scootersAK 550 2021PreviousLondon Assembly Rep: Dar a los motociclistas TfL vozNextNueva 2021 Suzuki GSX-S1000 se burló antes de la revelación completa

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kymco ak 550 price

Yamaha laid the foundations two decades ago of how a megascooter should be: with a central engine in the chassis (not a tilting engine and transmission). Also the best engine for a scooter is an inline twin-cylinder «laid down», with long stroke to offer good response rather than a high maximum power adapted to the automatic transmission. The TMAX remains the same, in fact the current engine shares crankcases and general structure with the original, having evolved internally and increasing in displacement to the current 562 cc (first 499 and then 530 cc).

Both have an under-seat compartment (which opens «backwards», another original idea of the TMAX) where a full-face helmet and something else can fit, and two glove compartments at the front for loose items or the cell phone, with a socket for charging it. The seat is somewhat hard but comfortable on both, being sporty, and the passenger is also very well cared for on both, with folding footpegs and a slightly higher position but without exaggeration.

kymco ak 550 vs bmw c650

The bet that Kymco makes with the AK 550 is all or nothing. The Taiwanese maxiscooter is born with enough qualities to put in trouble the TMax, its natural rival, but this is on paper. It was necessary a first comparative test to see the possibilities of both, face to face, and we have achieved it thanks to our friends of Scooter-Station.

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Externally the Kymco seems more stylized, narrower and lighter than the Yamaha. The finishes and plastics are very good in both, although the AK is behind the TMax. Under the seat on both there is room for a full-face helmet and then some. As for the instrumentation, it is 100% digital on the AK, very complete and visible, although in bright sunlight it is difficult to read.

When it comes to starting, in both is by remote key. The sound of the twin inline two-cylinder engines is very pleasant, although different: the TMax’s engine, with a 360º revving sound, sounds husky, while the AK’s, with a 270º revving sound, sounds like a V-twin. As soon as you start the AK’s engine feels fuller in the low and mid-range, rounder than the TMax’s, not in vain it has about 6 hp more.


The products cannot be compared. They are anonymous. The AK is an equally powerful scooter not in «mom» mode but when both bariators and only one bariator are worn. As a mom the TMAX always starts better because the clutch engages at 18 mph. and not at 27 mph.

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Permanent problem in the AK will be its sensitive clutch . The two scooters, are completely different from each other and have a different way of delivering horsepower and a different way of cornering. The only thing that is similar is their displacement and that they are scooters. Specifically:

Since no such scooter has been produced the most advantageous purchase is an AK but I bought a TMAX because I use the scooter for long touring (Grand Tourismo) and as a BMW owner it is closer to my wants. I wanted to get a small touring motorcycle in a pocket version and bought a TMAX. If I wanted a sport touring motorcycle I would have bought an AK. The 2017-2020 TMAX is a mid-range touring motorcycle that is like a duck in the city.

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