If the moon was a pixel


A scale at the bottom will indicate the distance already traveled (Pluto is not far away yet!), which will sometimes be desperately slow. The main unit is kilometers, but if you want you can measure the distance in Earths, pixels, blue whales or Chinese walls.

In order not to die trying at the top we have the symbols of each planet to make the jump to the one we want to reach soon. Or if we want, we can travel at the very fast speed of light by clicking on the icon that appears at the bottom right in the form of the letter ‘C’. Doesn’t light seem so fast anymore?


scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll horizontally to traverse the solar system as if each pixel were the width of the Moon, 3474.8 km.


On the project site, titled «If the Moon were a pixel», the main screen is composed of a black background and, by scrolling on the bottom scroll bar, the screen goes to the point where the exploration of the Solar System in pixels begins. Sure enough, the first star to appear is the Sun, and a very pointed explanation of scale, showing what the Moon would look like in a single pixel and what it would look like next to the star. In the map produced by Worth, the pixel represents the diameter of the Moon, that is, 3474.8 kilometers. To give visitors to the site a more realistic idea, it also gives the approximate distance between New York City and Las Vegas, in the United States.

In addition, at the bottom of the page there is a ruler that represents the scale explained, so that the visitor can follow the distance he is «traveling» virtually. And here is an interesting point. The person can choose the unit that best suits him. The standard unit is the kilometer, but it also presents options of mile, astronomical unit, light minutes, «lands», pixels, buses, whales and «Chinese Walls». Yes, this way the visitor can find out how many blue whales it takes to line up to get from the Earth to the Sun, for example.

Solar system to scale website

Disclaimer: This material is kept online for historical reasons. Although it was accurate at the time of publication, it is no longer being updated. The page may contain broken links or outdated information, and some parts may not work in current web browsers.

The picture puzzles in this game do not contain much information. Each one starts with just a few large squares in different shades of gray. We can think of each square as being a «picture element» or «pixel». The more pixels we have, the more detail we can see. This is how digital cameras work.

For each color photograph, several pictures are taken, each through a different color filter-it’s like looking through different colored sunglasses. Each filter lets only a certain color of light through. For example, a red filter lets only red light through. So the red-filtered pixel data will show the brightness of the red colors in the scene.

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